Thousands of Barrels of Beer Dumped in Wisconsin

OH!….The horror!

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“We’ve heard of some distributors, some bars, larger breweries, with bigger distribution networks having to dump beer. And it’s like dumping a little piece of your soul down the drain.”

Tim Pauly
Broken Bat Brewing Co

Broken Bat Brewing just moved to a new location, so all its kegged beer is still fresh, but the clock is ticking.

If the stay at home order prevents them from opening their new tap room much longer, it will be dumping, too.

“There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that goes into making beer, and it’s part of you. It’s what we create……..If we’re really not allowed to have people through the next couple of months here, we’re in trouble.”

Tim Pauly
Broken Bat Brewing Co

“We knew that if bars and restaurants shut down, we wouldn’t have a market for keg beer,” said Drew Cochrane of New Glarus Brewing.

New Glarus stopped putting beer in kegs early last month.

Its “Fresh is Best” program is bailing out bars and restaurants with beer that is aging out.

“We’re going to go ahead and take back all those half-empty kegs, and we’re going to replace them with a full fresh keg of our beer,” Cochrane said.

But not without heartbreak for Wisconsin beer drinkers.

“The half-empty kegs are probably going to have to get dumped. We actually have a relationship with a farmer who will take it out and have it applied on a field, so it’ll end up being fertilizer,” Cochrane said.

New Glarus estimates it will be dumping 5,000 to 10,000 half-empty kegs for farm fertilizer in the coming weeks.

Beer Capitol Distributing in Sussex said it’s already repurposing 54,000 gallons of past-date Miller beer and other brands for hand sanitizer.

Thousands of barrels of beer dumped in Wisconsin

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