What’s Your Favorite Comedy Movie?

Does Your Dog Bite?

“That ees not my dog.”

We love to laugh! Comedy Film have been a huge part of pop culture and entertainment ever since the first frame of Kodak film stock rolled!

Comedies have many shapes and sizes, so to speak. One size does not fit all. There are sophisticated comedies…. Screwball comedies…. Juvenile comedies….. Subtle comedies…… And comedies which are just plain funny!

Not all comedy movies will tickle your funny bone the same way they will others. Calamity Jane was once recommended a comedy by a bonafide film critic. He told ol’ Jane that it was the funniest movie he ever saw. Well…. The next time lil’ ol’ Jane saw the film critic, she said, “You owe me $20! That was the worst comedy ever!”……. BTW ….The movie was ‘Borat’…. Total POS!….Don’t waste your time or hard earned money!

So!….. What are your favorite comedies of all time?

Here’s the IMDB’s list of 100 greatest comedy films…… I don’t agree with many of them, but you may.

IMBD’s 100 All Time Greatest Comedy Films

……….the top 25

IMDB’s All Time Greatest Comedy Films

Calamity Jane