6 Year Old Canadian Boy Sets Up Joke Stand: Gives Neighbors a Laugh During Quarantine

Mask!….Where’s his mask?!!!

source: CNN

(CNN) – Six-year-old Callaghan McLaughlin has a new routine. Every day, he wakes up early, eats breakfast, gets his schoolwork done — and then sets up his joke stand outside.

His goal: To spread joy and laughter to his neighbors, without violating any social distancing rules.

“I know about 13 or 14 jokes.”

Callaghan McLaughlin, Jokester
Saanich, British Columbia

Usually, Callaghan operates a lemonade stand around this time of year — but because of the pandemic, his mom chose a safer alternative.

“I had to think of something that was going to be contactless and cashless, but also had the same sort of community spirit and social aspect that a lemonade stand has.”

Kelsea McLaughlin
Callaghan’s Mom

The young comedian is at his joke stand by 9:30 a.m. each morning, and stays put for about 45 minutes.

“He goes back to do a matinee show in the afternoon,” Kelsea McLaughlin said with a laugh.

The young McLaughlin gets most of his witticisms from a kid’s joke book, called “Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids” by Rob Elliott.

“What do you call a bear without any teeth?” Callaghan quipped. “A gummy bear!”

But, he’s picked up even more jokes from the people who stop by.
“He usually has a pretty high success rate of a joke returned,” Kelsea McLaughlin said. “He has learned a whole new repertoire.”

The family’s home on Vancouver Island is close to Canada’s Pacific shore, so there are plenty of beachgoers walking around — while practicing social distancing — to stop and hear a joke.

“People can usually see him before they get to the driveway,” Kelsea McLaughlin explained.

Most of the people in Mclaughlin’s neighborhood are elderly.

“I think it helps them to feel a little more connected, because they’re one of our more isolated community groups,” Kelsea McLaughlin added.

hThis six-year-old boy set up a joke stand to give neighbors a laugh during quarantine

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