Johnny Depp Sued By Former Lawyers for $350K in Unpaid Legal Bills

Once a pirate….. Always a pirate!

source: Yahoo Entertainment

Johnny Depp is being accused of screwing over the lawyers who helped in his $30 million lawsuit against his former legal team and now they have slapped him with a lawsuit for the money owed.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Buckley LLP is suing the actor for $347,979.89 relating to unpaid legal bills.

The firm says they were hired by Depp to represent him in the $30 million legal battle with his former lawyers. The firm says they worked a ton on his defense and say they won a big victory in the case when they got the court to rule an oral agreement was invalid. That case is still ongoing.

Depp requested they stop representing him in January 2019 but they claim he has refused to pay the invoice.

The lawyers billed Depp a total of $535,697.28 and claim the actor paid $187,717.39 … leaving a balance of $347,979.89.

The firm is suing for the money they are owed, plus interest and additional damages.

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