Bird Collision Downplayed in Boeing 737 MAX Crash

source: Microsoft News/Wall Street Journal

Four weeks after faulty sensor data led a 737 MAX jet to crash in Indonesia last year, a high-ranking Boeing Co. executive raised and dismissed the possibility of a bird collision triggering a similar sequence of events that could cause a second accident.

U.S. aviation authorities increasingly believe that a version of that scenario, described by Boeing executive Mike Sinnett at a November meeting with American Airlines pilots, may have caused the Ethiopian Airlines crash nearly four months later, according to officials familiar with the details. The crash happened after a sensor sent faulty data, possibly due to a bird strike, leading to automated commands that repeatedly pushed the nose of the plane down.

“Although the pilots followed the procedures” spelled out by Boeing and U.S. safety regulators to counteract the automated commands, “none of the expected warnings appeared in the cockpit, which deprived the pilots of necessary and timely information.”

Ethiopian Airlines

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