Tarantino Calls for No Spoilers Ahead of New Movie

US film director Quentin Tarantino looks on during the opening ceremony of the 8th edition of Lumiere film festival, on October 8, 2016 in Lyon central eastern France. / AFP / JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK (Photo credit should read JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK/AFP/Getty Images)

I wish Quentin would retire already!

Shitty Director………Shitty movies………But the Hollywood Hype Machine moves on!

source: The Hollywood Reporter

Quentin Tarantino on Monday released a statement asking for those attending the Cannes Film Festival world premiere of his latest, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, to avoid spoilers.

The Pulp Fiction director posted the missive on Twitter and Instagram, a day ahead of the film’s debut in Cannes, asking that audience members not reveal spoilers about his new movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which launches tomorrow on the Croisette.

“I only ask that everyone avoids revealing anything that would prevent later audiences from experiencing the film in the same way.”

Quentin Tarantino

It is unclear what exactly Tarantino is referring to given that the film, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, is shrouded in mystery. The film is known to chronicle the time around the Charles Manson murders in 1969, with Robbie playing victim Sharon Tate. But it is unknown how the auteur handles the famed killing.

There’s little question that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is one of the most anticipated films to ever debut at Cannes given Tarantino’s rousing Pulp Fiction bow in 1994 and his almost mythic status here with the French.

Is Calamity Jane the only film buff who thinks Pulp Fiction SUCKED?

Somehow, me thinks, lil’ ol’ moi is NOT alone!

Another over-hyped shitty Tarantino movie!

Calamity Jane