Elon Musk Is Reportedly Moving To Texas

Head him off at the pass, Kimosabe! Seriously this move should be good for residents of Texas. There will be many jobs in this venture.

Source: ZeroHedge

Back in May, amid reports that he was considering the Lone Star State for the location of his next Gigafactory, we asked whether or not Tesla CEO Elon Musk might move to Texas. That answer appears to be yes.

While there is no official change of residency yet, Musk will be the latest in a line of celebrities (that includes people like Joe Rogan) in the process of defecting from California in favor of Texas. “Several close friends” of Musk have reportedly said that Musk intends on moving to Texas, CNBC reported on Friday. 

Musk has also been “cozying up to Republican Gov. Greg Abbot,” according to the report, and  spends an inordinate amount of time in the state, as that’s where SpaceX has a test and launch site called the Starship Production Complex. 

Back in May, in the midst of a disagreement with the state and its politicians related to Covid lockdowns, we noted that Musk was putting his California homes on the market for sale.  

Previously we also covered Musk’s spat with California over Tesla’s operations back in May when the CEO referred to the state as “fascist”. Musk then said he had decided that Texas would be the location of his company’s next Gigafactory. 

In joining numerous luminaries fleeing the Golden State, perhaps this will be a lesson to California politicians, who should take note that Texas – likely home to the next “Silicon Valley” – has no state income tax and far, far fewer regulations. But we aren’t holding our breath.

Elon Musk Is Reportedly Moving To Texas