Top Deals on Guns And Ammunition for Black Friday

2A Supporters need Black Friday deals, too!

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Because 2020 has been chock full of shocks to our American system, sales of guns and ammunition have continually blown away previous records. I have a friend who jokes that he constantly kicks himself for not having stocked up on 9mm ammunition earlier in the year (in the beforetimes, pre-corona), because it was at 11 cents per round, and he wanted to wait for it to come down to 10 cents. Now you’re lucky to find it for less than 70 cents. Talk about an opportunity cost.

Anyway, experienced Second Amendment enthusiasts and new gun-curious buyers across America are desperate to stock up on guns and ammunition—if they hadn’t already stockpiled. Many of us have seen the shelves at Bass Pro Shops or our local gun dealer completely empty for much of the summer and fall, as we all watch riots continue in our major cities and general unrest about coronavirus lockdowns and the results on Election Day. As we continually search for deals, online outlets have increased prices to meet skyrocketing demand, making some products prohibitively expensive for the foreseeable future.

Enter Black Friday, which promises to set new records for online shopping as many states reinstitute coronavirus lockdown orders. This could be your opportunity to take advantage of deals you may have missed earlier in the year.

Here are the top deals I found on guns and ammunition. If you see a good deal that I missed, please put it in the comments!

Viridian Weapon Technologies

There’s a 50% off sale on scopes at Viridian, so you can get a great deal on upgrading your rifle optics.

True Shot Gun Club

TrueShot has some decent deals on bulk ammo, like this Glock backpack and 400 rounds of .223 deal for $237.99. Hunt around the site for more deals.

Tombstone Tactical

I’ve become a huge fan of SCCY compact semi-automatic pistols. Solidly built, reliable, and easy to handle, they make a great concealed carry choice. The CPX-1 9mm was $239 last year around this time, and with rebates, you could get that down under $200. The CPX-2 can be found for a list price under $200—including at Tombstone Tactical for $169. They even offer free shipping on all firearms.

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory has some screaming deals on firearms, including $110 off the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 9mm – only $469.99.

Ammo Supply Warehouse

I haven’t been able to find .12 gauge rifled slugs anywhere, but if you can find them, they make a great home defense round. Also, you can take out a bear (probably). Ammo Supply Warehouse has a box of ten for $14.99.

Sportsman’s Warehouse

The Black Friday Sale at Sportsman’s Warehouse doesn’t disappoint! They have several center-fire and rimfire rifles with discounts of $100 to $150, and a load of handguns and accessories to choose from. Also, trail cams are super cheap this year.

Field and Stream

There are some great deals on guns here, including the Beretta A300 Outlander 12 gauge shotgun for $150 off.

Harvest Right Freeze Dryers

Not exactly guns and ammo, but a freeze dryer can come in quite handy for your hunting or prepping needs. They have a $400 discount and free shipping right at the top of the page, which is an ENORMOUS deal.

One other thing: this isn’t on sale, but a fun gift idea might be the iTarget Pro system. It’s a way to do dry fire training and capture results. It uses a laser cartridge and an app on your mobile phone to keep score as you do dry fire drills on an indoor target. The entire setup is less than $200.

Check back Friday!

Lots of sales don’t start until the wee hours of the morning, so if we see something good we’ll update it here.

Top Deals on Guns And Ammunition for Black Friday

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