Bernie Sanders Seeking Labor Secretary Position In Biden Administration

Oh fuckin’ great. A socialist as Labor Secretary … bad for America, terrible for the workers, good for communist unions. Truthfully, with the commies possibly taking over the country after this election … drive by shootings, booby traps, pipe bombs, sniping of politicians, piking and lynching is fast becoming more and more attractive. God Bless America!

Source: Washington Examiner

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said he has talked to the Biden transition team about becoming the labor secretary in the new administration.

Last week, Sanders said that he would be willing to accept the position if President-elect Joe Biden asked, but on CNN’s State of the Union, Sanders confirmed that he was seeking the position.

  • “Have you had any conversations with anyone from the Biden transition team about a possible Cabinet post?” Jake Tapper asked on Sunday.
  • “I talked to the Biden administration,” Sanders said. “I want to do my best in whatever capacity, as a senator or in the administration, to protect the working families in this country.”

On Wednesday, a longtime labor leader told CNN that Sanders had been reaching out to labor leaders seeking their support in his bid for the Cabinet position, including Richard Trumka, the president of the AFL-CIO flight attendants union.

On Sunday, Sara Nelson, the president of the Association of Flight Attendants, told NBC News that Sanders had also reached out to her for support — and that she was happy to give it.

  • “He doesn’t just understand labor and advocate for working people, he grounds his life in the labor ideals of solidarity, equity, and leaving no one behind,” Nelson said.
  • “Bernie understands that you can’t have a strong democracy or a thriving economy without a strong labor movement and power for working people to get a fair share of the value our labor creates.”

Last week, Biden revealed plans to announce some of his Cabinet picks before Thanksgiving despite President Trump’s refusal to acknowledge he won the election.

Progressives have been reaching out to the Biden camp since well before the election, urging the former vice president to diversify his administration and select people who would shift the ideological balance leftward, according to the Atlantic. But with Republicans poised to retain control of the Senate, pending two runoff elections in Georgia, garnering enough support in the upper chamber to confirm left-leaning picks could prove difficult.

Bernie Sanders Seeking Labor Secretary Position In Biden Administration