Michigan Judge Denies Trump Bid To Block Certification, Election Audit

From the stench of rotting justice in the democrat/commie criminal states comes the expected retort by this paid off judge. This is why President Trump and his Legal Team are focusing on the Supremes … and I don’t mean Diana Ross and her backups.

Source: ZeroHedge

The day is getting worse for the Trump legal team as following dropped cases in Arizona, and losses in Pennsylvania, Bloomberg reports that a Michigan judge has rejected an attempt by two poll challengers to block certification of a Biden win in Detroit. Additionally, the judge also denied request for an audit of the election.

Circuit Court Judge Timothy Kenny ruled Friday that the suit failed to show why he should halt the certification or order an audit of the vote tally in Michigan’s largest city.

At a hearing before Kenny on Wednesday, a lawyer for the city of Detroit warned against any order that boosted Trump’s “unsubstantiated conspiratorial theories” of voter fraud.

  • “There’s nothing to support it,” attorney David Fink argued.
  • “But the outcome undermines the very bedrock of our democracy, the faith of the people in the democratic process.”

As Andrew Fleischman details in a twitter thread:

A Michigan judge has denied the Trump campaign’s motion to cease certification of the vote in Detroit, noting that if the election challengers had attended orientation, they would know that what they were witnessing was routine.

The food van lady was not found credible.

A claim that workers were instructed not to ask for ID was made less credible because the affiant failed to, y’know, say when or where it happened, or how many times.

As for the claim that she was told not to compare signatures, that task was completed elsewhere–which is something a competent lawyer might have felt the need to look up before alleging fraud.

It sounds like a different witness signed an affidavit saying she believed the other people’s affidavits?

Typically, witnesses are not allowed to say whether they believe or don’t believe other witnesses, and must have personal knowledge of what they’re talking about. Baffling.

Another witness, the judge says, is simply clueless, ascribing massive ballot fraud to the use of rental vans with out-of-state plates.

A bit of lemon and salt on the wound here.

…Long story short, the judge’s decision is based almost entirely on the credibility of the witnesses. And he finds that, because there are other remedies available, an injunction is unnecessary, and likely harmful to the interests of Michigan voters.

The Trump campaign has filed a similar lawsuit in federal court in Michigan seeking to halt certification of the state’s results based on allegations of fraud, largely in Wayne County

Michigan Judge Denies Trump Bid To Block Certification, Election Audit