Livid Limbaugh Confident Trump Is Going To Win This

I love the positive attitude Rush exhibits even on the darkest days. Listened to his show yesterday and he was positive Trump was going to pull this out as were the election team in the White House. Almost like, “Ok the enemy has us surrounded. We have them right where we want them”.

Source: WND

With no official winner declared in the 2020 presidential race, talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh said President Trump would, in fact, win the election when the final results are accurately sorted out.

  • “Trump is going to win this,” Limbaugh said confidently on his national broadcast Wednesday. “We did, we have, we’ve reelected Trump. … This does not mean that I’m not livid like all the rest of you are, because I am.”
  • “Donald Trump was not repudiated last night. Donald Trump was reelected last night. Time will tell this.”

Limbaugh, a staunch supporter of Trump and fellow resident of Palm Beach, Florida, said, “We were winning big last night. … That’s why they stopped the counting.”

“When they stop counting, it means they’re looking for votes. It means they don’t have Democrat votes. … We are wise to their ways now.”

  • “Why is it that every state that is not a swing state run by Democrats can keep their act together on Election Night?” he asked rhetorically.
  • “I can’t tell you how depressed the Democrats are that the country did not repudiate Donald Trump,” he continued. “That’s what they really wanted to happen.”

He said the Democratic mantra of “Count every ballot” is not legitimate.

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  • “We’re not gonna count every ballot … We’re gonna count every legitimate vote. … We’re gonna win playing by the rules, despite the fact the other side does not.”

Limbaugh also suggested Fox News called the state of Arizona too early and mistakenly for Joe Biden as personal payback by the network after Trump had publicly criticized the network on “Fox and Friends” this week.

  • “It was personal. It was absolutely personal. But Trump is going to win Arizona. I think he already has. It’s just a matter of this playing out.”
  • “The investigation of that (the early Arizona call) … I think it’s gonna reveal some fascinating things in the bowels of the decision desk at the Fox News Channel.”

He called the outcome of huge support for the president “a devastating night” for Democrats.

  • “It was so huge the Democrats never saw it coming,” he noted. “These people are vindictive. They are single-mindedly hateful … They have been waiting and they have been dreaming … to tell Donald Trump to go to hell and that didn’t happen. … They literally thought Trump was going to be sent packing.”

Limbaugh said he talked with White House officials who say anywhere from two-thirds to 70 percent of Arizona votes are coming to the president, meaning that state could be counted in Trump’s favor.

  • Limbaugh urged his listeners to “Keep the faith. That’s the American way. … The best days of our country are still ahead of us.”
  • “We want love and peace in our lives. We want our lives to be pleasant.”
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Livid Limbaugh Confident Trump Is Going To Win This