Trump Tweets: Baltimore’s Poverty & Crime Will Only Get Worse Unless You Elect Kim Klasick

In an obviously predominant democrat/commie district, Kim has her work cut out for her. I have a feeling she may pull this off though and become her district’s first republican in 70 years. I withhold further comment though, until she has served 1 term.

Source: ZeroHedge

Baltimore-based GOP Congressional candidate Kim Klasick gained a national media profile thanks to a viral campaign ad accusing Democrats of failing to revive Baltimore, and encouraging blacks in the city and some surrounding suburbs to try voting Republican for a change.

Klasick’s profile only increased when she was featured as a speaker during the RNC last month.

Now, President Trump has endorsed Klasick with one of his typical endorsements via tweet, while urging Baltimore to “be smart” and reject the pandering Democrats who are unwilling to make the necessary changes to save the city from the twin scourges of crime and drugs.

Trump insisted that “Baltimore will turn around, and I will help. Crime will go way down, money and jobs will pour in. Life will be MUCH better because Kimberly really cares. The Dems have had 100 years and they gave you nothing but heartache. Baltimore is the WORST IN NATION, Kimberly will fix it, and fast!”

Maryland is a reliably Democratic state, and Baltimore a solidly Democratic city, with more than 5x the number of registered Dems as registered GOP. Trump initially praised Klasick after her convention speech, so his endorsement is hardly a shock.

But maybe with the aid of a national media profile, Klasick might have a shot to fill the seat – representing Maryland’s 7th District – once held by Elijah Cummings, a seat which has been held by Democrats for nearly 70 years.

Trump Tweets: Baltimore’s Poverty & Crime Will Only Get Worse Unless You Elect Kim Klasick