Marquise Love Seeks Donations While Evading Police

Cowardly, Liar and BLM Rioter is looking for sympathy and money before the cops find him and arrest his worthless ass.

Source: ZeroHedge

When I testified on the violence in current protests in cities like Portland, most of the Democratic senators insisted that violence in Portland was due to the arrival of federal officers to protect the federal courthouse and that the violence subsided after the federal officers were withdrawn. 

As other witnesses pointed out, the violence had been raging for weeks and a riot was declared by the Portland police the very night before.  The violence has indeed continued though the coverage has been light, including the arson at a county government building yesterday.

One of the most shocking incidents involve the attack at a Black Lives Matter demonstration of a man who was beaten after people filmed and mocked him. Police say one of the chief attackers was Marquise Love, 25, and he is someone already familiar to police. In an interesting twist, Love is now reportedly raising funds while on the run from police.

The attack in Portland was vicious and various individuals attacked Adam Haner but Love is allegedly the individual who kicked him in the head. It was captured on video.

Love has seven arrests in Washington County, Oregon alone. This includes a 2017 arrest for domestic assault and domestic harassment. He also has two separate arrests in 2016 for providing false information in connection with the transfer of a firearm, and domestic assault and criminal trespass.

He has violated probation and has been forced to accept paternity over a child. In 2012, Love was arrested twice in 2012 for second-degree theft interfering with public transportation and criminal trespass.

Love goes by “Keese” and, according to Heavy, his Facebook page says that he is a “Dj for Portland Oregon clubs. Living life to the fullest. Keep lurking.”

Haner was the not only one attacked at the BLM protest. A transgender female was shown on videotape being attacked and robbed.

Love claims that he was merely fighting a racist and is now being hunted down by police.

In his recent alleged postings according to The Sun, Love states:

“Might go to jail for murder tonight for a racist when all I did was fight him look it up on twitter put money on my books and come see me.”

Marquise Love – POS

Marquise Love Seeks Donations While Evading Police