Obama Has Privately Expressed Grave Concerns About Biden’s 2020 White House Run

Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up! Don’t worry, you son of a whore, we saw fucked up with your administration.

Source: ZeroHedge

President Obama sure did take a long time to finally endorse Joe Biden for his 2020 run. The world couldn’t help but notice that Biden’s former partner in crime didn’t exactly hop at the chance to endorse Biden after it was clear that Biden would be the Democratic candidate for 2020.

Now, we might know why…

President Obama has “privately expressed grave concerns” about Biden’s run for the White House, according to a stunning new report from Politico. Obama reportedly said of Biden:

  • “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.”

Despite the endorsement and the former Obama administration painting a rosy picture of the relationship between the two, the Post describes their relationship as being “fraught with tension”.

Former White House communications director Jen Psaki commented of their relationship:

  •  “You could certainly see technocratic eye-rolling at times.” 

The attitude reportedly is what led Obama to endorse Hillary Clinton, instead of Joe Biden, in the 2016 Presidential race. 

  • “The president was not encouraging,” Biden said of Obama’s support in 2016. 

And while Obama was keeping his distance from Biden after his 2020 announcement he was “talking him down” behind the scenes. 

Obama finally caved and endorsed Biden in April of this year, stating: 

  • “I believe Joe has all the qualities we need in a president right now. He’s someone whose own life has taught him how to persevere,”

But speaking about Biden’s presence in Iowa during the caucuses Obama said:

  •  “You know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.”

Why leak this story now? Right before the DNC convention? And sourced by Politico of all places. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Interestingly,  Jim Rickards recently  suggested , admittedly a prognostication at best, that Biden won’t even make it to The White house and will soon be replaced as the nominee soon.

Democratic insiders will probably force him out of the race in the next week or so.

  • They don’t want to risk exposing him to the American people before the election. For Democrats, the stakes are simply too high.
  • One public incident or serious slip-up is all it could take to kill his chances in the election. The American people simply aren’t going to elect someone who they feel is mentally unfit for office.
  • Many voters obviously dislike Trump. But, no one could credibly argue that he’s suffering from cognitive decline.
  • So what’s going to happen?
  • The Democrat power brokers (Tom Perez, Donna Brazile, Valerie Jarrett, Philippe Reins, AOC, John Podesta and a few others) will get in a room and pick a new nominee.
  • Biden will “release” his delegates, and party leadership will direct the super-delegates to support that choice. This will start a stampede among the former Biden delegates.
  • The Bernie Sanders delegates will already be onboard because they’ll be part of the consultation. Then the new nominee will pick a VP and  the “convention” will tidy things up. The race will continue from there.
  • Alternatively, the power brokers could allow Biden to get the nomination and then remove him as nominee before the debates. That’s even easier because there are no delegates involved. It’s just an executive committee decision the candidate cannot refuse.
  • Still, the process will be a shock to millions of Americans who’ve been expecting a Biden candidacy.

How much of a surprise would that really be?

Obama Has Privately Expressed Grave Concerns About Biden’s 2020 White House Run