Democrats Poised To Regain Control of Senate

It is a crazy country right now and with voter fraud and those bailing on PDJT, the dems very possibly could score some wins. You think it’s bad now, wait until the dems have control. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Source: Newsmax

Democrats are poised to take back the Senate on Election Day, which is a little over 100 days away, according to The Cook Political Report.

  • “Something remarkable would have to happen for Republicans to still have control of the Senate after November,” one GOP pollster said. “It’s grim. There’s just so many places where Democrats either have the upper hand or are competitive in states that six months ago we wouldn’t have considered at risk.”

As the pandemic has dragged on and social justice unrest grew after the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery has shifted momentum back in the favor of the Democrats, according to The Cook Political Report. 

The publication shows that race featured incumbent Republican Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona has gone from being a toss up to a “Lean” favorite for Democratic candidate Mark Kelly. Two other races with GOP Sens. Joni Ernst of Iowa and David Perdue of Georgia have gone from being “Lean” favorite for each Republican to toss ups for their Democratic contenders.

Cook Report attributed some of those gains by Democrats to a fundraising bump that gave an advantage to those challenging Republican incumbents. Much of the spending on candidates from each party is coming from outside PACs.

Overall, the report forecasted that Democrats will pick up a net gain of between five to seven seats in the Senate.

“If you’re an incumbent in a bad environment sitting at 44 percent, you should be pretty damn scared. The expanding map has made it really hard, and there’s just a lot of Democratic momentum right now.

Republican Strategist

Democrats Poised To Regain Control of Senate