American’s Mood Deteriorating Over Virus, Economy

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Source: Newsmax

The coronavirus is worsening Americans’ mood as they grow more worried they’ll catch the virus and lose hope in an economic rebound, according to polls released this week.

The findings signal rising peril to President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign as well as to the U.S. economy.

For the first time since March, a majority of Americans say stress and worry about the pandemic is harming their mental health, with 53% saying so in a Kaiser Family Foundation survey taken July 14-19.

Half of Americans are now extremely or very worried they or someone in their family with catch COVID-19, up 17 percentage points since mid-June and the highest level since late March, according to an Associated Press-National Opinion Research Center poll taken July 16-20.

In households where someone has been laid off during the pandemic, confidence that those jobs will come back is plunging, with 52% now saying so, down from 78% in April, according to the AP poll.

American’s Mood Deteriorating Over Virus, Economy