Stolen Baby Goat Returned to Baltimore Community Garden

This story really ‘gets my goat’!

source: US News & World Report/ AP

Police in Baltimore say a baby goat stolen from a community garden is back home and unharmed

BALTIMORE (AP) — A stolen baby goat was returned home to its community garden in Baltimore late Tuesday night, police said.

Baltimore police were notified just before 10 p.m. that the young Nigerian Dwarf goat named Ed had been “anonymously returned” to his owners, according to a statement from the department.

Ed was reported missing from the Filbert Street Garden on Monday night. His caretakers alleged in a Facebook post that two teenagers tore through a fence, cut off a lock and broke into a barn to steal the animal, which weighs just 20 pounds (9 kilograms) and depends on his mother’s milk to survive.

“We’re not sure if the hope is to sell him or if it is part of some initiation……. The community begs whoever did this to please just quietly return Ed.”

Filbert Street Garden
Facebook post

Security video obtained by WBAL-TV appeared to show someone walking down the street with the goat in a crate as the animal cried out.

In an update Tuesday, the garden celebrated Ed’s safe return and thanked police for their help. Authorities did not say whether they were continuing to investigate or were actively looking for suspects.

Baby Goat Stolen From Baltimore Garden Reunited With Owners

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