Man Builds Picnic Tables for Squirrels After Losing Job: Now a Full Time Business

Sounds like a nutty idea!!!

source: Insider

From whipping coffee to baking bread, people around the world are finding new ways to entertain themselves while stuck at home. 

But no hobby has been more adorable than building tiny picnic tables for squirrels, a trend that first began thanks to a crafty Pennsylvania man. 

Rick Kalinowski, 43, told Insider that he has always loved watching the squirrels in his yard, putting feeders out for them and taking photos to share on Facebook groups with fellow squirrel fans. 

When Kalinowski’s job shut down, he decided to make a miniature picnic table so that he could watch the local squirrels. Little did he know, that simple idea would launch a new trend and one very successful Etsy store. 

The plumber and HVAC contractor suddenly had no idea when he’d get his next paycheck after Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolfe ordered “all non-life-sustaining businesses” to shut their doors on March 19.

“My jobs were larger construction jobs, and Pennsylvania put a stop to them………….I was pretty much sitting at home, not sure when I’d get my next service call or be able to go back to work.” 

Rick Kalinowski

Then one morning as he was watching the squirrels in his backyard, Kalinowski got an idea. 

A couple of years ago, he had seen a photo of a miniature picnic table for squirrels

Kalinowski promised himself that he would build one if he ever had the time — and now he did.

“I do work with wood quite often……..And, after I was home for two weeks, I was running out of things to do!…..There were no plans, no drawings……..I remembered what it looked like and just built it. Then I screwed it to the fence where I normally feed the squirrels.” 

Rick Kalinowski

Kalinowski first put out a variety of nuts to invite the squirrels to his new picnic table, but they kept taking the food to go instead of dining in. 

A man built a tiny picnic table for squirrels in his garden after losing his job, and now it’s become a full-time business

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