Aussies Slam WHO: For Support of re-Opening Wuhan Wet Markets

Enough already!!!!

Will these international agencies ever “get it”?

source: Breitbart

Australia confronted the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday over claims it supports so-called wet markets reopening in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the source of the global coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison demanded answers about the markets,  saying it was “unfathomable” for WHO to back live animal markets (open-air slaughterhouses) at a time when the Chinese coronavirus pandemic is sweeping the world.

“I’m totally puzzled by this decision……..We need to protect the world against potential sources of outbreaks of these types of viruses……..It has happened too many times.”

Scott Morrison
Australia Prime Minister

The conservative coalition leader also demanded transparency in understanding the origin of the disease and protection from the global threat of China’s notorious open marketplaces.

Morrison described the WHO decision as “unfathomable” claiming the wet markets were a “global health threat.”

“Australia and the world will be looking to organisations like the WHO to ensure lessons are learned from the devastating coronavirus outbreak…..There must be transparency in understanding how it began in Wuhan and how it was transmitted. We also need to fully understand and protect against the global health threat posed by places like wet markets.”

Scott Morrison
Australia Prime Minister

Global leaders have previously urged China to ban the “deadly and diseased” food markets, but the World Health Organisation disagrees, saying it can advise but not force the closures many ask for.

Unfathomable: Australia Hits WHO Support for China ‘Wet Markets’ in Coronavirus Epicenter

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