Trainee Pilot Lands Plane After Instructor Loses Consciousness

Crikey, but that is amazing. Well done mate.

Source: 9 News Sydney, Australia

A trainee pilot has been hailed a hero, after taking the controls and landing a light plane at Jandakot in Perth’s south when his instructor lost consciousness.It was only Max Sylvester’s third session and his first in that type of plane, but the young father pulled off a textbook landing with the help of air traffic control.After he was unable to revive the pilot, the trainee made a distress call.

Audio footage reveals how the control tower then talked him through every step, until he landed safely at Jandakot Airport at 6pm yesterday.”Just keep an eye on your speed that you’re not going into the red too much and keeping those wings level and keeping your nose nice and level on the horizon,” the controller instructed.”Yep copy that,” the rookie responded.

“Have you ever landed any aircraft before by yourself or with someone else at the controls with you?”

“No I haven’t.”But he landed the plane perfectly, to the relief of dozens of onlookers on the ground below.

Trainee pilot lands plane after instructor loses consciousness

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