Cory Booker Unveils $3 Trillion Climate Change Plan, Creating ‘Environmental Justice Fund’

Fartacus and his commie cohorts want to enslave us with our own tax dollars using the “Climate Change” scam.

Source: Fox News

Presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., on Tuesday revealed a sweeping $3 trillion plan to combat climate change, calling to “accelerate the end” of fossil fuels and achieve “100% carbon-free electricity” by 2030.

100% carbon-free electricity within the next 11 years is entirely divorced from reality.

Like the costly and controversial Green New Deal, which Booker co-sponsored in the form of a Senate resolution, Booker’s plan aims to address both climate change and economic inequality.

“To end the real and growing threat of climate change and to create a more just country for everyone, we must heal these past mistakes and act boldly to create a green and equitable future. That’s exactly what I’ll do as president,” Booker said in a statement.

Additionally, Booker wants to push Congress to create a United States Environmental Justice Fund, which would commit $50 billion a year “to advance environmental justice and invest in communities long left behind.” Goals include replacing lead drinking water service lines in residences, schools, and daycares; cleaning abandoned uranium, coal, and hard rock mines; and planting 100 million trees in urban areas that Booker’s plan says suffer disproportionately from air pollution.

“Environmental justice for communities long left behind” is simply back door reparations.

Cory Booker Unveils $3 Trillion Climate Change Plan

Huck Funn