Someone is Leaving Old Tube TVs on Front Porches in Virginia

Somebody needs to get a life!

source: WTRV TV

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — Nearly a year after a Glen Allen neighborhood woke up to find dozens of vintage box television sets sitting on their front porches, the strange circumstance has happened again.

Only this time the culprits, who apparently dropped off more than 50 TVs, were caught on several neighbors’ doorbell cameras.

The bizarre discoveries were made by families in the Hampshire neighborhood Sunday morning.

Michael Kroll spotted a TV set on his doorstep when he went to let his dogs outside.

Kroll speculated “bored” college students may be responsible.

“I think it’s just a prank……… They had way too much time on their hands if they had all these TVs and spread them all over the neighborhood……… I think it’s funny in some ways………. Now if my whole front yard was covered with TVs, I’d kind of get upset.”

Michael Kroll

“It’s sort of funny… He wants to be known as the TV Santa Claus, I don’t know……….. I can’t think of any technology or political point that would be valid here. It’s just a senseless prank.”

Jim Brooksbank

T TV Santa Claus Delivers Good Cheer and Old Tube TVs!

Calamity Jane