Famed Forensic Pathologist: Epstein Death Doesn’t Add Up

Wecht is brilliant!…. Calamity Jane has worked with him on several occasions. He worked on the Kennedy Assassination, JonBenét Ramsey, and many other high profile cases over the last 60 years. He developed what is known as the “Magic Bullet Theory”.

source: WTAE TV

PITTSBURGH —To borrow a Shakespeare phrase, forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht says “something’s rotten in Denmark.”

Denmark is the Manhattan Correctional Center, and the “something” is the death of New York financier and convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

“Even at its most benign characterization, the most benign, gracious, benevolent characterization is an instance of gross, wanton negligence.”

Cyril Wecht
Famed Forensic Pathologist

ABC News has reported Epstein’s cellmate in the Manhattan Correctional Center was removed before his death, that the cameras monitoring him weren’t working, the guards watching him had been overworked and Epstein might not have been on suicide watch despite attempting suicide weeks earlier.

“Put all of this together and you’ve got some real questions to be asked here……. I’m sick and tired of these people that talk to me and say I’m a conspiratorial theorist. What I think I am is an intelligent person who raises interesting questions that present problems to me as an experienced forensic pathologist.”

Cyril Wecht

C Cyril Wecht says “something’s rotten in Denmark.”

Calamity Jane