NRA Board Members Resign

source: The Hill

Three National Rifle Association (NRA) board members reportedly resigned on Thursday amid recent turmoil at the organization. 

Esther Schneider of Texas, Sean Maloney of Ohio and Timothy Knight of Tennessee resigned after saying that they lost their committee assignments after raising questions about certain spending by CEO Wayne LaPierre, The Washington Post reported.

“While our belief in the NRA’s mission remains as strong today as ever, our confidence in the NRA’s leadership has been shattered……. We had expected – or at least hoped— that the executive leadership team would recognize the seriousness of these allegations and work with us in a constructive and transparent manner to address our concerns and minimize any further harm to the Association………. Instead, we have been stonewalled, accused of disloyalty, stripped of committee assignments and denied effective counsel necessary to properly discharge our responsibilities as Board members.”.

Esther Schneider, Sean Maloney, Timothy Knight

“The NRA accepts these resignations………… We look forward to working with our new board members in furthering our noble mission of protecting our Second Amendment rights on behalf of our millions of members.” 

Carolyn Meadows
NRA President

In recent months, the NRA has faced internal upheaval and external probes. LaPierre has faced scrutiny over reported spending of NRA money for personal reasons, including a reported $275,000 on clothing in California.

Resignations at the NRA!

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