Bigfoot Spotted in Kentucky: Shots fired!

And exactly how far was this from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

source: MSN/Louisville Courier-Journal

Bigfoot is back. But did he ever really go away?

Brad Ginn and Madelyn Durand, a couple of Western Kentucky University students, said they were awakened in the middle of the night last weekend during a camping trip to Mammoth Cave by a gun-toting man hellbent on tracking down the legendary creature.

“It was scary to know there was a man out there shooting a gun at nothing.”

Madelyn Durand

Bigfoot sightings have been reported hundreds of times across Kentucky since the time of Daniel Boone. What makes Durand and Ginn’s story so unforgettable, though, is the randomness of their tale. Neither says they actually saw Bigfoot — and they weren’t looking, either.

The couple had been sleeping in a tent early Sunday morning when Durand, 22, woke up Ginn, 24, to tell him that a man and his young son were approaching. When they got to the tent, the man said that his own campsite and tent had been destroyed and that they were in “Bigfoot country.”

Then he showed them a gun in his back pocket and told them to “run if we hear shots,” Ginn said.

The man and his son then left.

“A few minutes later we see their lights approaching again……..and as they get closer we hear the man yell something like ‘oh my God! Do you see that? There it is!'”

Brad Ginn

Looking out from their tent, Durand and Ginn watched as the man “shot his gun into the darkness.”

Durand and Ginn said they then ran from their tent to the man to see what was happening.

The man “says he saw Sasquatch emerge from the brush near our tent and start approaching him,” Ginn recounted.

“We’re like, ‘Are you serious?'” Ginn said. And the man said he was, they said.

The man then told them “it’s dangerous” and he “hopes we have weapons,” Ginn said.

The man and his son then left, Ginn said, and the couple called 911 and hiked 5 miles back to their car.

Bigfoot is near…… Can’t ya smell him?

Calamity Jane