Virginia Man Sues Godiva Chocolates for $74K: Found Out the Sweets are Made in PA not Belgium

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A Virginia man is seeking $74,000 in damages, after finding the Godiva Belgian chocolates he bought were made in the US rather than Belgium. 

Kevin Fahey spent $15 on the sweet treats in Washington DC, and said the wrappers had ‘Belgium 1926’ written on them.

But he filed the civil suit on behalf of himself and the ‘DC public who purchased Godiva chocolate products, after finding out they were made in the US, Fox News reported.

Godiva have factories in both Belgium and Reading, Pennsylvania, with Fahey’s chocs coming from the US factory. 

“It is important to emphasize that ‘Belgium 1926’ signifies the place and year of the company’s founding. It does not imply that a product purchased today was made in Belgium nearly one hundred years ago……… Our Belgian heritage is synonymous with our brand as the recipes and standards of excellence established by GODIVA in 1926 remain the foundation for premium chocolate products that we continue to develop and produce globally today ”

Godiva Chocolates

“Members of the DC general public are paying a premium for what they believe are products of a country with a reputation for premier chocolate, whereas the product is made in the United States, and in a different manner as a result.”

Fahey’s Civil Suit claim

This is not the first time the chocolate brand has been sued. 

Earlier this month, two people sought $5 million in damages, stating Godiva was falsely-advertising their products, according to Yahoo. However, the case ended up being dismissed.

Virginia man sues Godiva Chocolates for $74K because they are NOT made in Belgium

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