Broward School Chief Under Fire: “Unnecessary Travel” After Parkland Shooting

But!….. It’s for the children!

Seen this sorta thing before.

Gonna keep my theory to myself, though.

source: The Center Square

A government-spending watchdog’s investigation claims “unnecessary travel” and “lobbying activities” by Broward County School District Superintendent Robert Runcie wasted taxpayers’ money but achieved little for students.

An analysis maintains Runcie’s “excessive travel, salary, perks, benefits and padded pension plan” will cost taxpayers $564,000 “in 2019 alone.”

The Florida Department of Education lists Runcie’s 2018-19 base salary as $342,370, the second-highest for a K-12 district superintendent in the state, behind only Miami-Dade School District Superintendent Alberto Carvalho’s $352,874 salary.

The Miami-Dade School District, with 528 schools and 357,249 students, is the state’s largest and fifth-largest in the nation, according to the National Center for Education Statistics [NCES]. The Broward School District, with 353 schools and 271,852 students, is Florida’s second-largest and seventh-largest in the country.

The district includes Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, where a Valentine’s Day 2018 shooting killed 17, spurred state lawmakers to adopt a $400 million school safety bill and galvanized the gun-control movement nationwide.

But!…..But!…..But!…..It was for the children!

Calamity Jane