Ruskies to Release Whales from Whale Jail

Those damned Ruskies are always up to sumpthin’ no good!

source: BBC

Russia has started to release a group of nearly 100 captive whales which have been kept in small pens in the far east of the country.

It comes after the so-called “whale jail” provoked an international outcry, with marine scientists and celebrities calling for the mammals to be released.

In total, 11 killer whales (orcas) and 87 belugas are being kept in cramped enclosures on the Sea of Japan.

They will be released in stages and the process will take several months.

“We have taken the only sensible decision at the recommendation of scientists to release the animals to their natural habitat where they were caught……… This operation will take about four months……. The killer whales alone – as far as I know – are worth around 100 million dollars………..When it’s big money, problems are always hard to solve. Thank God things have started moving “

Alexei Gordeyev 
Deputy Prime Minister

Although Russia allows the capture of whales for scientific purposes, experts feared the animals were bound for theme parks or aquariums in China.

Whale Jail Bust Out!

Calamity Jane