David Gilmore Sells Famous Pink Floyd Guitars for Charity

Calamity Jane has a connection to one of these BIG BUX guitars!

Feast your eyes on the 1955 Gibson Les Paul at the far right.

Back in the day when lil’ ol’ moi was a rock’n’roll heroine, I dabbled in collecting old Gibson Les Paul guitars.

In those days, vintage guitar dealers were few and far between. I subscribed to a twice a month inventory from Guitar Trader in Red Bank New Jersey.

If I remember correctly, Dave DeForrest was the shop owner’s name and he had a nice little stash of 50s Les Pauls.

I spied a 1955 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top in his inventory. It was a rare one…… All gold….Front, back and sides…. Only a few of these bad boyzz were ever painted all gold!….. And Calamity Jane HAD to have it!…… It was priced at $1500 and I could juuuuust come up with the cash!

Shoulda been mine!!!!!…..sniff…..sniff!!!

I called Dave at Guitar Trader and talked to him about this rare Goldie. He convinced me to make the drive from Butler, PA all the way to Red Bank, New Jersey. I asked Dave if he could hold the guitar for me until I got to his shop the next day…… He told me he couldn’t hold it without a credit card…… I’m just a pup!…… I don’t have a credit card……. Only cold hard cash.

1978 Guitar Trader inventory flyer with the all gold 1955 Gold Top
The fine print!…… I can’t believe I saved this inventory flyer for all these years!

I arrive at the shop after driving all night…… I gotta see “my Les Paul”!

I meet Dave DeForrest and ask him to see the ’55 all gold Les Paul.

Dave said, “I sold it yesterday about 15 minutes after we spoke on the phone……. Sold it to Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd.”……. My heart sank!

Oh well!……. I settled for a regular old 1955 Gibson Les Paul for $1100.

FWIW…. The all gold Les Paul that Gilmour bought for $1500, which I so lusted after, was sold at his charity auction for $447,000!

That Goldie was used on Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall”.

Calamity Jane