Putin Signs Law: Creates Independent Russian Internet!


Hmmmm……….And I wonder if Vlad colluded with Trump to steal the internet……. This calls for an investigation! ……….. Robert Mueller isn’t busy at the moment.</sarc>

source: ZDNet

In a couple of years, Russia will have the ability to safely disconnect its internet from the wider internet, according to a law signed Wednesday by President Vladimir Putin.

The sovereign ‘Runet’ law, which was introduced in December, is not popular. A poll a few days ago found only 23 percent of Russians support it. 

But it is now set to come into effect in November, with telecoms operators obliged to abide by its terms from the start of 2021.

The stated purpose of the law is to maintain the stability of the Russian internet and the services running over it, in case foreign aggressors try to cut it off the global whole. That action is something that has never been taken deliberately against any country, and remains highly unlikely.

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