Congressman Steve Cohen Mocks AG Barr at Hearing

Whatta Dickhead!

Trump was blasted for serving fast food at the White House for the celebration of the college football national champions…….. And Cohen is stuffin’ greasy fried chicken into his pie hole at a Congressional hearing! How professional! </sarc>

This jerk is a fucking embarrassment!

OOPSIE!….. My Bad!….. He’s a Democrat……..

Never mind!

source: MSN/ CBS News

A congressman threw a bit of shade at Attorney General William Barr after the AG decided not to appear at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tennessee, started eating a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken at 9 a.m. while lawmakers and the press waited to see if Barr would show up on the Hill. Cohen then left the bucket ā€” along with a ceramic chicken ā€” on the table where Barr would have sat.

“Chicken Barr should have shown up today and answered questions.”

Steve Cohen

Read more here……. If you can stand it!

Calamity Jane