Pizza Boy Eats 700 Slices per Year!

Ya know….. Some days, a story just jumps up and grabs your attention…… This one sure did. This guy needs to get a life….Or does he?

Got Pizza?

source: Yahoo Lifestyles

Growing up in suburban New Jersey, Scott Wiener recalls, “Pizza was the thing that made everyone in the house happy.”

Now, as a grown-up New Yorker, Wiener has made it his life’s mission to spread that joy to others, through his popular Scott’s Pizza Tours, and also to keep that happiness going for himself.

“I have about 700 slices a year. Probably upwards of 8,000 in the past 11 years.… I’ve definitely visited thousands of pizzerias in my life so far………….And I’m just getting started.”

“I have a fascination with pizza. It’s a fascination with the community, a passion for the food itself and for making it………..Pizza is always a nostalgic food. The pizza you grow up with is always going to form the definition of what you love.”

Scott Wiener
Pizza Addict

Wiener makes his own pizza and collects plenty of related items — books, paraphernalia from pizzerias, pizza cutters and peels, and an incredible array of pizza boxes from around the world. That’s made him, as of 2015, the Guinness World Record holder for pizza-box collections — made up of 595 boxes at that time, and now up to 1,471.

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