Beto: Claims He Donated More to Charity Than Tax Returns Show

Beto…..Beto…..Beto! Whatever will we do with you?

This guy is as annoying as AOC…… And I don’t believe a word spewing from his liberal pie hole. Beto claims he coughed up $1166 to charitable causes in 2017…….. A most paltry sum for someone in his tax bracket!

In the highly populated field of 2020 Democratic Presidential hopefuls, this is the least amount given……… He and his wife claimed they had a combined income of $370,412 in 2017.

As long as it is someone else’s money, liberal Dems love to give to charitable causes…….. I guess Beto is just a cheap bastard when the cash is coming from his wallet!

“We made donations to so many organizations in small amounts, hundreds of dollars, in larger amounts, thousands of dollars — this is beyond what is itemized or reflected in our taxes, and we just didn’t report it because it wasn’t important for us to take the deduction.”

Beto O’Rourke


Calamity Jane