Door to Door Gun Grab in Kiwi-Land

The New Zealand government is starting a door to door gun confiscation operation. The authorities are turning up at places of employment, homes, and gun ranges to strong arm gun owners into giving up their weapons.

Police are also scouring social media in an attempt to track down leads at to who and where the newly illegal guns may be.

“I didn’t put any paperwork or forms in yet so was a little shocked to see [the police] come out of nowhere. Anyone else get this yet?”

Social Media User

One death has been reported.

“A Mate of mine had the cops turn up at his house on sat after an image a friend of his had posted on Instagram holding his a cat AR15 got reported.  They asked to see his safe and he complied.  They confiscated his ar15 as well as his semi 22 although they Admitted they weren’t sure if that would be effected under the new law and suggested he may get it back.  They gave him a police property form with all details of what they were holding and took the guns with them.”

New Zealand Gun Owner

H/T…. Donthepit

Calamity Jane