San Antonio Mayor and Council Bans Chick-fil-A From Airport: Texas AG Investigates

Looks like the San Antonio Mayor and City Council banned Chick-fil-A from operation at the San Antonio International Airport for “anti-LGBT behavior”..…… Whatever the HELL that is!

“The Constitution’s protection of religious liberty is somehow even better than Chick-fil-A’s chicken…………Unfortunately, I have serious concerns that both are under assault at the San Antonio airport.”

Ken Paxton
Texas Attorney General

“We want to make sure these sub-contracts for restaurants at the airport show off the best of San Antonio……….Fifteen percent of volume in the airport happens on a Sunday and we want to make sure there’s a restaurant there that’s open every day.”

Ron Nirenberg
Mayor of San Antonio

“…………..[Chick-fil-A] symbol of hate”

Manny Peláez

AG Paxton also is requesting Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao open investigations into the possibility of federal law violations.

Calamity Jane