New Zealand Mosque Shootings: US Fueling Extremism?

This shit pisses off Calamity Jane!

I know that the feature photo of the 911 terrorist attacks and not the New Zealand mosque shooting……READ ON!

source: USA Today

The horrific attack on two New Zealand mosques that killed at least 50 people was fueled by xenophobic, ethno-nationalistic and anti-immigrant feelings that seem to be rising worldwide – a tide of hatred that is taking many of its cues from the United States,  some human rights leaders say.

The movement is being led by a small but vocal group of Americans who have sought to craft a narrative that white racial identity is in danger. In an interconnected, internet-enabled globe, their ideas migrate quickly from one continent to another.

USA Today

“The United States is the epicenter of the world in terms of how white identity is seen,” said Karam Dana, a professor of Middle East politics and director of the American Muslim Research Institute at the University of Washington Bothell outside Seattle.

 Karam Dana
American Muslim Research Institute, University of Washington

Does anyone remember this little “incident” from September 2001?


If ya forgot……..Maybe these photos will refresh your memory.

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