Army Vet Punches Out Punk Though Car Window

The little shitballs in the car make threats towards the Army Vet’s wife and they don’t have the balls to get out and face him!

“Hey there everyone,
I am writing because I am the big guy in this video. I can 100% attest to the events that happened and that the words written before the video are accurate. I am a husband, father, son, friend, veteran, football player and finally a human being. I have never claimed to be a bad ass or thug or killer, I however have been trained all my life to be protective of what is mine. The young men that threatened my wife were serious in there threats and had a pistol on the front seat. From my experience an overwhelming show of force is the only way to take the wind out of a bullies sails. I would rather be shot protecting my family and friends and country than cower behind something or hold my tongue. With that said my wife is trained as well and had my six covered and those who know will understand that statement. I am not a bully I’m a protective husband. I did have a little scratch from this to answer everyone’s statement and no I didn’t break my wrist lol. All I can say is if you are going to be a bully or a threat make sure you’re prepared to defend your actions. To all the young men and woman out there that haven’t been raised to respect others please learn quickly because not everyone you disrespect will sit quietly.
God bless America and all of y’all”

J. Guidry

H/T…… Toothless Dawg

Calamity Jane