Stonehenge Quarries Discovered

The exact location of the quarries where the huge stones which comprise Stonehenge has been discovered. That quarry is located 180 miles away in Western Wales.

“What’s really exciting about these discoveries is that they take us a step closer to unlocking Stonehenge’s greatest mystery – why its stones came from so far away…… Every other Neolithic monument in Europe was built of megaliths brought from no more than 10 miles [16km] away.” ”

Mike Parker Pearson
University College London

Scientists believe that the stones were acquired so far from the location of Stonehenge because they were easy to quarry. The vertical standing pillars of stone were easy to break apart.

Scientists also theorize that Stonehenge may once have been part of another circle of massive stones which was dismantled, moved, and then reassembled at their present location.

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Calamity Jane