Global Warming Dude Croaks at 87

The Columbia professor who started all the hoopla and coined the term “global warming” has kicked the bucket. Wallace Smith Broecker, a Columbia University professor died Monday. He was 87.

“Wally was unique, brilliant and combative…….He wasn’t fooled by the cooling of the 1970s. He saw clearly the unprecedented warming now playing out and made his views clear, even when few were willing to listen.”

Michael Oppenheimer
Princeton University professor

Wally Broecker, September 2006 Photo Credit: Ken Kostel

“Broecker single-handedly popularized the notion that this could lead to a dramatic climate change ‘tipping point’ and, more generally, Broecker helped communicate to the public and policymakers the potential for abrupt climate changes and unwelcome ‘surprises’ as a result of climate change,”

Michael Mann
Penn State professor

Just like Wallace Smith Broecker, the guy in the boat is goin’ nowhere fast!

Calamity Jane