Coffee Klatch: SOTU Post Mortem

Well gang!….Last night was the first time Calamity Jane live blogged ANYTHING!

It was a blast commenting live while watching our President kick democratic ass!!!

The evening was not without problems. Our “beloved” comment platform, which we all know and don’t love, DISQUS, was peppered with gremlins! As I was commenting, I would see the “One other person is typing…” notice…..Then no post would appear! I felt as though I was talking to myself!

After the speech, I looked through my DISCQUS dashboard and found about 20 messages awaiting moderation. None of these messages should have been routed to comment Purgatory. The settings are configured so any post being made does NOT require moderation. And every individual commenting was a known and reliable comment maker.

Things seem to be back to normal. Please let me know if any problems arise with the comment platform. I’m trying my best to get bugs worked out, but I haven’t a clue what was the issue with DISQUS last evening

OH!….. And feel free to use this as your Open Topic Thread for the day!

Calamity Jane