The Unsinkable Joe Biden

We all know that the lovable knucklehead, Joe Biden, is a gaff machine. He’s been a “public servant” for over 47 years!

Calamity Jane has had the unfortunate pleasure of spending about 45 minutes with Biden before a speech he was to give to a small group when he was still a Senator. Before his speech, Joe and I sat at a small table in the corner of the bar along with the producer whom I was working with that day…… Joe struck me as the crazy old uncle which every family has and doesn’t like to talk about….. You know that uncle……The uncle whom you invite over for holiday dinners and that’s about it. He’s the kind of guy that you find mildly entertaining, but can’t wait for him to go home. That’s Joe Biden.

This story from The Washington Examiner sheds some light on his unsinkable persona.

H/T Mr X

Calamity Jane