Super Bowl Sunday! Do You Care?

OK gang! It is that day which all good little NFL fans wait for with breathless anticipation. The Super Bowl! It is that day which comes but once a year that gives the average American an excuse to party!….. Like Calamity Jane needs any sort of excuse!

Talk about fun?…… The Beer!…..The Snacks!……The Commercials!……The Game!….. The Game?….REALLY?

Don’t forget the hype or the half time show! Puh-LEEZ!

Today’s game will saturate the broadcast world all day with analysts, interviews, and more drivel to fill blocks of time to keep us entertained! Calamity Jane doesn’t care! I don’t care to watch, never mind pay attention to the game day announcer and his color commentator over analyze each replay down to the millisecond.

Oh! Must we go to Michelle Tofoya or who ever the sideline bimbo is for her insights which she gathered from her little 6 second chat with the coach?

Who here really wants to see Tom Brady?…..I don’t!…..AND I don’t want to see his wife, Gisele Bunch-wad (or whatevertheHELL her name is) sitting in the owner’s box trying to look super-model cool with her $500 high fashion truckers cap.

Brady has the super-model wife and the broadcast producers think every viewer wants to catch a glimpse of her cheering on her man!….. Don’t any of the other players have wives?

Does anyone know what channel the Puppy Bowl is on?

Calamity Jane