From Jane’s Barstool: I’m Tired!

Hiya, Gang!

I’m tired!…. I’m really tired!

It has been just about 3 years since I started working on J3. We went live online in January of 2019, but I was working on this since July of 2018.

I’ve become so busy with things outside of J3 that it is becoming more and more difficult to post fresh material on a daily basis. The amount of email and behind the scenes stuff also requires a lot of time.

At the moment, things are very quiet here. But there have been times that have been just short of chaos and I can’t say it has been all fun.

Our renewal with WordPress is due soon. Back in February 2020, we had a little fund drive to raise the operation expenses for J3. The generous members of our little community ponied up enough cash to cover the operating expenses, such as hosting fees and domain registration, through the first 3 years. The third fiscal year comes to an end on July 24.

As I said, I’m tired!…… I’ve had some help along the way, but, I’ve been flying solo more often than not! Jorline and Huck Funn posted for a while. Recently, Toothless Dawg populated the pages of J3 with fresh material. Thanks to them all!!!!

Klemper has offered to step in and take over the daily operation.

My question to all of you is, “Would you like to see J3 continue operations?”

If so, we need to raise $300 to pay the annual hosting fees to WordPress. Think about it and let me know your thoughts. DO NOT send any $$$$ via donations yet! We need to see if there is enough interest to continue operating.

You guys are DA BEST!!!!!

Calamity Jane