Democrat-Run Institutions are Cheating to Prop Up the Biden Administration

59% approval rating!!!!

MY ASS!!!!

The fuckin’ polling firms never give ya the sampling break down!

(….and don’t get me started on deceptive editing!….. I’ve seen it with my own eyes in the newsroom!)

One of my pet peeves for as long as I’ve followed politics.

Lil’ ol’ Calamity Jane was bitching about this poll just last week! Finally, the oversampling of Dems in these polls is startin’ ta get noticed!

source: American Thinker

By Andrea Widburg

In three months, Joe Biden has effectively erased all American norms. Worse, he’s done so by executive fiat rather than the legislative process. It’s likely that only Democrats (and not even all Democrats) support him. Nevertheless, a Pew poll, which the media is shilling, assures us that he’s got a 59% approval rating. Dig into the poll, though, and it’s a lie — just as CBS lied when it shaved footage from the video of Adam Toldeo’s shooting to hide the firearm he’d been holding. In other words, we are being sold a narrative that has nothing to do with the truth.

First, about that poll. The Hill touted it:

Fifty-nine percent? Really? While we can reasonably accept that the Democrat faithful support Biden’s policies, are there really that many other Americans on board with open borders, gas prices rising 35% or more, a plan to greenlight Iran’s nuclear development, ending voter ID, obsessive efforts to destroy race relations and demonize white people, packing the Supreme Court, and adding two new states?

It turns out that, as to some of those things, we know that most Americans oppose Biden’s policies. On Court-packing, an October poll that the New York Times conducted showed that 58% of likely voters oppose it. Americans feel even more strongly about voter ID: 75% of them support it. Americans also disapprove of Biden’s border policy, with 55% of them saying he’s doing a bad job and only 29% saying he’s doing a good job.

If you’re wondering how that translates into a 59% approval rating, just remember the line about lies, damn lies, and statistics. When people delved into Pew’s sampling, it turned out that the poll gave Democrats a huge advantage. (H/t Twitchy)

SJ on Nantucket@SJonNantucket·

The raw sample was D+31. Any decent pollster would tell you you can’t wait such a sample and get anything that’s not biased. Not to mention weighting to D+9 is nuts also….. (SJ on Nantucket)

There’s something downright Soviet about puffing up support for a politician that way.

And then there’s CBS’s effort to create more racial strife and violence in connection with 13-year-old Adam Toldeo’s death. “Lil Homicide” as he was known on the streets, ran with a violent gang. He was out at 2 a.m. with a 21-year-old and one or the other was shooting at cars.

When the police caught up with Toledo, the bodycam on the police officer who fired the shots showed that Lil Homicide had a gun in his hands which he threw aside 1-2 seconds before the officer fired – a time period too short for the police officer’s brain, which had recognized a lethal threat, to recompute and hold his fire.

CBS didn’t like that narrative, so it changed it. (H/t The Gateway Pundit.)

I don’t blame the police officer. I blame whoever was responsible for a 13-year-old boy who was out running with guns and shooting at people in the middle of the night. And if Toledo deliberately escaped from someone trying to keep him safe, 13 or not, he’s responsible for his own death. Remember that, in a pre-modern era, 13-year-olds were adults and expected to live (or die) with adult consequences.

But back to my main point: No matter what the polls and the media tell you while Biden is in the White House, don’t trust it; always verify it. They might be telling the truth, but the chances are excellent that they’re actively lying or simply shading the truth to present a narrative in which Biden is a competent, pro-American president, police are mowing Blacks down in a second Holocaust, and our abandoning liberty and giving ourselves up entirely to leftism is the answer to all our problems.

Democrat-run institutions are cheating to prop up the Biden administration

Calamity Jane