University of Alabama Epidemiologist: It’s ‘Possible’ the US is Nearing COVID Herd Immunity

The mainstream media and Fauci will attempt to discredit her opinion.

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By Leisa Audette

First, it was a Johns Hopkins professor, and now a University of Alabama epidemiologist says it’s ‘possible’ the US is close to COVID herd immunity.

With daily U.S. infections falling more than 77% in the last six weeks, Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins claimed last week that the  U.S. would be free of COVID by Spring. He estimated in a Friday WSJ Editorial that by Spring, prior infections and subsequent vaccinations would bring herd immunity. He called on medical experts to tell the truth about the great news:

“Some medical experts privately agreed with my prediction that there might be very little Covid-19 by April but suggested that I not talk publicly about herd immunity because people might become complacent and fail to take precautions or might decline the vaccine.”

Dr. Marty Makary
Johns Hopkins 

This week, Suzanne Judd, Ph.D., an epidemiologist at the University of Alabama, made a similar claim in an interview on Friday.

Judd said it’s possible we could be approaching herd immunity’ as COVID infections plummet:

“We should know within the next two or three months if this trend holds. But this is definitely the most positive news we’ve seen in a long time.”

Suzanne Judd, Ph.D.
Epidemiologist/University of Alabama
Daily Mail

Judd estimates that another 10 untested people had COVID for every one who tested positive for the virus. Many cases were mild or totally asymptomatic, and it could mean a vast number are already immune.

Just last November, Judd spoke about Thanksgiving safety tips during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Someone should tell Joe…

Double Masked Joe

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University of Alabama Epidemiologist: It’s ‘Possible’ the US is Nearing COVID Herd Immunity


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