A Love Story

A Love Story



Nearest I can pin point, it was the first day of 7th grade making it September 8th 1959. It was a beautiful day and I was sitting about three seats back in the second row from the door in Classroom 7-C.

I remember Eddie Gilmore was next to me and asked me why we were in class 7-C instead of 7-A or 7-B.  “Cause were stupid Eddie; don’t you get it?  Look around.” 

That summer my school district, Mt. Jackson, had merged with Bessemer and Hillsville so we were all meeting new classmates for the first time.  Just about then 7-A walked by the door on the way to their class room and I saw who I would be in love with to this very day. She was tall for her age, but wouldn’t grow much more, had long auburn hair, a crisp white blouse and a pleated red skirt.

Always in the know, I found out later the school colors for our new school district, Mohawk Area, was red and white.  Pretty sure she had on red and white saddle shoes and white bobby sox.  Her glasses were fashionably white cat eye with rhinestones.  She was beautiful and I was in love. 

We became friends eventually, not the way I hoped, but she did go out with me once after our senior year when we went to the Drive-in to see a movie by the Dave Clark Five. 

We went off to college in different directions in 1965 but I never forgot her.  Six years later when I came home from Vietnam, I knocked on her parent’s door and there she was, more beautiful than ever. 

Over the next couple months, we got to know each other liked I’d hoped for all along, but timing being everything, she married someone else.  I cried that day. Rocket Man was playing as I drove up a hill in West Virginia.

I went on to go through a couple swings and misses down the aisle and in 1990 I went home to our 25th HS reunion.  I had a plan and it was simple. I had to get on with my life, so I would tell her that I’d always been in love with her and even though I knew there would never be more to it than that, just knowing I’d felt that way about someone had been such a wonderful part of my life.  

I ran into her and after pouring out my heart, she said “What about now?” 

After spending the following year on the phone and a couple trips between Pittsburgh and Providence, we got married. 

She moved to Providence with her two sons 12 and 14, while I had one son age 9 making the statistical chances this would work maybe 20%.

But this year will be our 30th anniversary and the love of my life is still the best part of my life. 

Dreams can come true.

Happy Valentine’s Day Donna!