Old Fraudulent Joe & 5 Times He Urged Violence

Old Slow Joe is a disgrace to even the democrat/commies. His mind has dissolved into the perverted pedophilia mind that he constantly shows when in the presence of young female children. America should be ashamed of itself for sitting back and allowing these perverted communist muthafuckers to take power. Shame on us!

Source: WND

Joe Biden is trying to stay above the fray in the U.S. Senate, where the Democrats’ charge of incitement of insurrection is being argued.

But he’s down there, right in the muck, points out Tristan Justice of The Federalist, who documents “5 times Joe Biden openly urged violence against political opponents.”

A White House spokesman recently said Biden was not commenting on the Senate trial, explaining he has a job to do.

But Biden’s own rhetoric has given the impression of a threat of violence.

  • For example, Biden said, regarding North Dakota Senate candidate Kevin Cramer: “I’d like to give him a high threshold of pain. I’m serious. I’m really serious.”

Biden must have liked the phrase, because it followed his suggestion that a union official should show Cramer “a threshold of pain.”

Next on Justice’s list was Biden’s threat to a factory worker in Detroit that “you’re full of s***” and his challenge to “go outside with me.”

See the exchange with factory worker Jerry Wayne:

And twice Biden said he wanted to beat up Donald Trump:

  • Justice wrote: “The Democratic Party itself normalized political violence as the primary means for individuals to make their voices heard after spending all last year justifying militant Black Lives Matter riots that erupted in repeated outbursts across the country, because racism.”
  • He included a link showing “28 times Democrats and their progressive allies in legacy media excused or endorsed political violence.”

Old Fraudulent Joe & 5 Times He Urged Violence