Hackers Hold Man’s Penis For Ransom In Digital Chastity Belt

Oy Vey! The word ‘DUMBASS’ comes to mind!

Source: ZeroHedge

A man who had his penis held for ransom by hackers locked in an internet-connected chastity belt spoke with Motherboard about his crazy ordeal.

Sam Summers thought it would be a good idea to strap a Chinese made chastity cage onto his penis with an app connected to the internet. He said not too long after putting on the device – a message popped up informing him that someone had taken control of the device and demanded $1k in Bitcoin to unlock it. 

  • “Initially, I thought it was my partner doing that,” Summers told Motherboard. “It sounds silly, but I got a bit excited by it.” 

Summers called his partner, who said she did not lock the device. He even used their “safeword.” Still, she told him it wasn’t her.

That’s the moment when he knew something was terribly wrong.  

  • “Oh, shit, it’s real,” Summers said.
  • “I started looking at the thing. There’s no manual override at all.
  • It’s a chastity belt, I guess it kind of shouldn’t [have an override.] But when it’s a digital thing like that, it should have a key or something. But it obviously didn’t.”
  • “I started freaking out a bit,” he added. “I was just panicking at this point.”

Motherboard said Summers is one of a handful of people late last year that bought a chastity cage device called CellMate. These devices are manufactured in China and were running on a flawed app that hackers were able to enter and lock users out of their devices.

Summers gave the hackers what they wanted, but soon they asked for more.

“That’s when I felt fucking stupid and angry,” Summers said. 

After brainstorming, he decided to use heavy-duty bolt cutters. He said the way he was holding the bolt cutters put his penis in a dangerous spot, adding that it was a “terrifying” experience. 

Summers was able to cut the chastity cage off and vowed never again to strap an internet-connected device to his body for fear that hackers would seize control of it. 

Perhaps this foolish man has learned his lesson? 

Hackers Hold Man’s Penis For Ransom In Digital Chastity Belt