Three Gun Control Bills Move To Virginia Senate

To be expected under a communist regime. There has been talk before about splitting VA into 2 or more states. Getting rid of Northern VA would be the best thing that ever happened to the Old Dominion.

Source: Washington Examiner

Three gun control bills, one of which outlaws homemade “ghost guns,” are making their way to the Virginia Senate.

The bills, which critics view as being an attempted gun grab by the government, all passed the Democratic-led House on Wednesday. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has advocated for “bold, meaningful action” for stringent firearms measures but has yet to release a statement in support or opposition of these particular bills.

One piece of legislation dubbed HB 1909 grants school boards the authority to ban people for carrying guns on their property. Law enforcement personnel would be an exception.

Another bill, HB 2128, increases the maximum wait time for gun dealers to transfer a firearm to a buyer from three days to five days if a background check is not immediately processed. In many jurisdictions, if a buyer’s background check is stalled by state police, he or she can leave the store with the firearm in three days if no update is given by authorities.

The third piece of legislation, HB 2276, would make it a Class 5 felony to engage in the “manufacture, import, sale, transfer, or possession of” home-made firearm components, which can be built into unserialized firearms often referred to as “ghost guns.”

  • “The strong gun violence prevention bills advancing to the state Senate today show that the majority of Virginia delegates are committed to protecting their constituents from the deadly gun violence epidemic that has plagued this state for too many years,” said Lori Haas, senior director of advocacy for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

It’s unclear when the bills will be taken up by the Senate for a vote, but Virginia Democrats control the upper chamber.

John Crump, the Virginia director of the Gun Owners of America, chastised the Democrats over the legislation.

  • “These bills show how out of touch the Democrats in the House of Delegates are with Virginians.
  • For years they have said they are not coming for our guns, yet under HB 2276, that is exactly what they are doing.
  • The bill would turn thousands of Virginians into felons overnight for something that they currently legally own.
  • Make no mistake about it: HB 2276 is a gun confiscation bill,” he said.

In January 2020, 22,000 pro-gun demonstrators swarmed the Virginia Capitol in Richmond to protest the legislation, which was still in the early stages of consideration by legislators. Protesters donned body armor, rifles, and flags adorned with the slogan, “Come and take it.”

The latest wave of gun control legislation follows the at least 10 gun laws, spearheaded by Northam, that took effect in the Commonwealth in early July. Residents of the state were barred from purchasing more than one handgun a month, subjected to background checks on all firearms sales, and mandated to comply with an extreme risk protection order, also known as a red flag law, that requires citizens to surrender their firearms if they are deemed to be a threat to themselves or others.

Northam also signed bills that implemented safe storage laws, a 48-hour time limit to report a lost or stolen firearm, and a ban on so-called trigger activators that “enable more than one shot with the pull of the trigger, among others.

Three Gun Control Bills Move To Virginia Senate