Sore Winner Left Wants Right Silenced Forever

Nobody likes a sore winner!

source: Newsmax

By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon

Until quite recently, we would have firmly believed that no one likes a sore winner.

Today we are not so sure.

The left appears to champion sore winners in the hope the winner will become even more angry.

In the wake of Joe Biden being declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter tyrants have begun a very public purge of conservatives and right-wing twitter profiles.

Beginning with the biggest target of all: President Donald John Trump.

Accounts are deleted or locked by the Twitter Thought Police on arbitrary or non-existent grounds.

It was only natural that conservatives concluded that if Twitter doesn’t want us the solution is to exercise our First Amendment rights on another internet platform.

That’s what inert libertarian country club conservatives in the Senate always told us when they refused to rein in Big Tech’s monopoly power.

Their immortal six-word mantra was: Don’t Like Twitter? Build Your Own!

John Matze took their advice. He didn’t like Twitter so he built his own: Parler.

The folks banned from Twitter took to Parler in the hundreds of thousands.

The Parler app was the number one app in the Apple Store for a few days. Parler’s growth surged as a result.

Only Matze and his new and existing customers couldn’t have been more wrong.

Big Tech’s enforcers didn’t have the goal of moving accounts off Twitter and on to another outlet. Their goal was to silence them forever.

In a coordinated brutal exercise of monopoly power — and an illegal attack on free speech to boot — Big Tech erased Parler from the internet. Amazon Web Services dropped Parler as a client and removed if from the web. Google banned the Parler app from its Android store and Apple did the same.

Parler’s payment processing supplier took away the company’s ability to collect money. Even the company’s outside legal team cravenly bowed to Big Tech and said it would no longer represent Parler.

That is bad enough. Now we learn Big Tech’s vigilante’s squad has targeted Parler employees. Fox News reports, “CEO John Matze and his family are now in hiding over death threats and security breaches they have faced.”

In court documents the company lays out in graphic detail the campaign of threats and harassment company employees have suffered, “Parler’s CEO, John Matze, Jr., reports in his declaration in support of Parler’s TRO motion that many Parler employees are suffering harassment and hostility, fear for their safety and that of their families, and in some cases have fled their home state to escape persecution.

“Matze himself, as the CEO of the company AWS continues to vilify, has had to leave his home and go into hiding with his family after receiving death threats and invasive personal security breaches.”

You may, like we did, be wondering what constitutes an “invasive personal security [breach]”?

Fox fills us in, “There is a group called UGNazi that is targeting me,” Matze said, noting the controversial hacker group has released many of his passwords and personal information on the internet. “They published my street address, they threatened to come through my front door.”

This is fascism. And it is cheered on by political activists masquerading as journalists.

The fascism the left falsely warned was coming from President Trump is here today, and it’s coming from the left.

The persecution of Parler and its client base is both wrong and it’s dangerous.

A Justice Dept. that was not controlled by the Resistance and other haters would be opening an investigation into the Parler Purge right now.

That hasn’t happened and we predict it won’t happen during the Biden administration.

The purge also dangerous because the public ban of non-leftist-approved speech only pushes those people into a corner.

A corner where the only way to free oneself is to fight your way out.

Sore Winner Left Wants Right Silenced Forever

Calamity Jane